Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Alert! Alert!


Since it's an Ozone Alert Day in these parts, do you think I can use that as an excuse to not run the washing machine and dryer?

Nah, I've got a load going, but the thought did occur to me!

It's even hotter today. Actually, I don't think the temperature is hotter, but it's much more humid. You know you're in trouble when you get out of the shower, and you work up a sweat combing your hair out! I've been hanging around, sitting outside and reading, waiting for the delivery people to call. They're supposed to deliver our table in the "early afternoon." I wonder what constitutes "early" for them?

Oh, I have another energy-saving tip for you! While we don't have central air, we have ceiling fans in the dining room and all the bedrooms. In our bedroom especially, I would usually leave the ceiling fan on during the day, just to "circulate the air." I was reading an article the other day that said that this is a complete waste of energy. It may move the air around, but there is no cooling of the air temperature going on. A guy was quoted as saying, "Fans cool people, not rooms." Now that I think about it, that makes perfect sense! Yes, a fan feels great, but only if you're sitting near one. If I'm in the kitchen, and the dining room ceiling fan is on, I can't feel it. No, I don't turn this ceiling fan off everytime I leave the room, but I've been keeping the bedroom fan off unless I'm in there folding clothes or something. I just thought that was kind of an interesting tidbit!

I'm almost finished with Ironweed, and I'm finding it very bleak. What has happened to these people to get where they're at (homeless) is just sad. I just read a very touching moment that got me kind of choked up, and hopeful that things would change for the protagonist, but I have a feeling things are going to get bad again.

I mentioned a while back that I set up AOL Alerts (I have a "Remind Me" icon on the AOL toolbar) to get birthday alerts. My old program gave me 2 days' notice, and that's not enough time. I set this up to remind me a week before, and I got my first alert today, for Kim and Steve's anniversary. It works! So I unsubscribed from the first program, and I'll rely on this one. So if you need a reminder--I find I need them more and more!--for anything from a birthday to an appointment, the AOL calendar seems to be a fairly nice little feature.

We borrowed all the Bourne movies from Ken's Mom last time we were down there. Ken has read the books, and I think he said he'd seen the first movie a long time ago, but I've done neither. We watched the first one, "The Bourne Identity" last night. Wow, good stuff! I really like Matt Damon, and he's got some awesome Kung Fu stuff going on here! There's a great car chase in this one, too. I'm looking forward to the other two.

I was so tempted to go out and get a couple more Mob movies yesterday. I want to get "Goodfellas" (I know that's Ellen's favorite!) and "Casino." I have the latter on tape, but I'd like to get it on DVD. I'll wait for a bit--we've got plenty of stuff here to watch, and maybe we needed a little break from the gangster movies. Ayyy, what am I sayin'? You can never watch too many Mob movies! Fuggedaboudit!


amy122389 said...

I used to leave my ceiling fan on all the time, too.......but I have been trying to get in the habit of turning it off.  It's too easy to forget and walk out......


markonit said...

... first, you read so many good books ..!  I am nearly finished with my Orwell bio, and I will have to go and buy Obama's book ... it is always checked out ..!

... Ozone Actions days ... I go run in the afternoons on those days ... just to see ..!

... be well ..!

madcobug said...

I haven't seen any ozone alert here but that doesn't mean there isn't one. I very seldom watch TV. I did a load of bedclothes this morning before heading to the Dr. Speaking of reading. I am off to pop myself a bag of popcorn, lay down to eat it and read for a while. Wait, I have to put some sandals on and go to the mailbox first else I will forget to do that. Glad that you liked the zinnia. Helen

chat2missie said...

I think Ozone Alert Days should keep us from doing any house work! LOL

buckoclown said...

Never saw the first movie, but did remember the plot for it from the book.  The other two, I do not recall the plots, so it will be a surprise :o)

helmswondermom said...

All three Bourne movies are awesome!  The last one is almost non-stop action, though.  There is more story to the first two, and I think I almost like the second better than the first.  No, I guess they're about even.  I love the scene in the first one where Jason is in the park and the two officers of the law accost him -- the scene where one of them starts to prod him with his club, and Jason stops him and then proceeds to un-arm and knock them both out.  Yeah, good stuff there!

eml625 said...

You will love GoodFella's !! Let me know when you get it.
I am so glad you made mention of the ceiling fan item. Who knew?!?!?!?
I always kept mine going and I had no idea it did nothing to cool the room.
Big hugs,

queeniemart said...

Chad always has the ceiling fan on in our dining room.....i hate the sound of it. Thanks for letting me know it is a $$ waster. I have not seen many mob movies at all..but because of you one of these centuries i am going to see the Godfather movies. HUGS

jmoqueen said...

fuggedaboutit?  LOL............that looks funny!!  That makes sense about the room fan.  I think that about the fans we've got at work coz most of the time I don't feel any cooler lol.........Hope Ironweed got a bit happier for you xx