Monday, July 21, 2008

A neat picture

Cousin Shane forwarded me the picture his friend Doug sent to him. Looks like Doug is doing a little more than taking the Senator's picture in this one!
How cool is that?
You know, I don't care who the politician, or the entertainer, or whoever is, I bet it's got to really make a difference in the day of a soldier. Just knowing that people care, and are thinking of them....
Man, it's making me cry.
I remember my Dad telling me about when he was in North Africa, and Frank Sinatra came to play for them. He said that he and the other guys didn't much care for Sinatra--not only was the guy 4-F because of his punctured eardrum, the chicks really dug him--but he said it was really a big deal to see a show like that. Probably similar to how much prison inmates loved seeing Johnny Cash play the prisons! (And if you don't have the live recording from Folsom Prison, it's unbelievably great.)
That's one of the reasons that Ken and I support the USO. It's a fine organization, sending care packages to troops, and arranging for entertainment via the USO shows. These men and women do so much for us, and if the USO can bring a smile to their faces in the midst of war, then the USO is worth supporting.


lurkynat said...

Dear Beth,
what an interesting entry!
I had no idea that you support USO!
Is this is Afghanistan? How nice!

shrbrisc said...

I agree I took my kids to see bush because I wanted them to see the president not the man .. it is a rare occasion that  you can see your leaders..

aimer said...

Serious comment: It is a neat picture and I think that your words are so accurate as to how much it boosts the morale of our men in uniform to have visits like this.

Silly comment: Do you think that if I committed a crime and was sent to prison that Denzel Washington or the Rock would come to visit the prison to cheer up the inmates? I'm just asking.

jmoqueen said...

Those kind of concerts are really you have to be there kind of scenario aren't they :o)  Great piccy x