Saturday, July 26, 2008

Shark in the Show

Ken and I were really excited to see that one of our favorites, Jeff Samardzija, has been called up to the Majors!
Jeff is a fellow Hoosier, and he played both football and baseball for Notre Dame, graduating a couple of years ago. He was an excellent wide receiver, and still holds the Notre Dame record for total reception yards. Jeff (AKA "Shark") was good enough in both sports that he had a choice to make: NFL or MLB? He chose the latter, and was signed to the Cubs organization.
He's been playing farm ball, working his way up and learning the ropes, and a couple of days ago, got the call up. Woohooo! He came in as a relief pitcher, and while the Cubs lost the game, Shark gave a respectable performance. Including a sizzling 99 mph fastball.
Congratulations, Shark! I couldn't be happier for the guy, and apparently he's a real character. He's known for his long, curly hair, and when he arrived in Chicago, Lou Piniella's (the Cubs manager) first question of his staff was, "How's his hair?" Ha ha! Well, he cut it, so it's not shoulder-length anymore!
Could be interesting this week...the Cubbies are hanging on to a one game lead, and they're heading to [cue the dramatic music] Milwaukee, who is the team nipping at their heels. Yikes! I suspect a little trash talk might be flying around Nutwood, Bucko, and Slapinions! All in fun, as always.
Ken is off getting a haircut, then we'll be heading down to see my folks. Mom has some really nice flowers around their place, so maybe I can get some good flower pictures. They're also anxious for us to see their new fence, although it's not really new--it's the one we had out front! Reuse and recycle! It's a lovely day, and I foresee post-lunch porchsitting in our future. Mmm, rocking chairs....

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