Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pecan Chicken and a stick

I tried a new recipe last night, and it turned out so well, I thought I would share it. I had thawed out some chicken, but wasn't quite sure which pathway I wanted to walk down with my chicken. Put some Italian dressing on it? Some Parmesan cheese? For some reason, I remembered seeing a recipe for Pecan Chicken, and I knew I had some pecans in the freezer, so I found this on AllRecipes. I changed it from serving four to serving two, so adjust accordingly. I'll also tell you what I did differently.
Pecan Chicken
2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (I flattened them to ½ inch with my meat mallet)
1 tablespoon real maple syrup (I probably used a couple...I didn't measure!)
½ cup chopped pecans
a couple of tablespoons of flour
½ teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon butter (I used a couple--the coating really soaked it up)
a couple of tablespoons of vegetable oil (I omitted this...butter tastes better!)
In a shallow bowl, combine pecans, flour, and salt. Brush chicken breasts all over with maple syrup, and coat completely in pecan mixture. In a large skillet, melt butter. Add chicken, and cook until browned on both sides and no longer pink. (I'd say this took 10 minutes, tops, and I covered them for a few of those minutes to get them cooked through.)
I flattened the chicken because I love it  that way--it makes it really tender. (And as I always mention, I love using a meat mallet! I get to use it again tonight for some Pork Tenderloin Diane.) This was really yummy. The maple syrup and pecans add just a touch of sweetness to it, but it's not overpowering. The coating had a little crunch to it. It was a tiny bit rich, and cooking it in butter added to that, so I couldn't eat all of mine, plus the sides--Ken can eat the rest for lunch tomorrow. I served it with green beans and some Parmesan rice. Ken liked it, and when I said I thought it's one I would make again, he agreed.
If you try it, let me know what you think.
What do you think of my stick?
You can stop laughing at any point.
Okay, Ken laughed, too, when I showed him my stick. I was walking back from getting the mail one day, and glanced down and saw this stick half-buried in the driveway. Something about the pattern on it where the bark had worn off just struck me. It looks so intriguing!
So I picked it out of the driveway, and I've been working on it for a couple of weeks: leaving it out in the sun and rain, and picking off the rest of the bark, so that you can see the pattern all over. It seems to be nicely bleached now, especially on the side shown here.
I don't know why I like my stick so much...but I'm saving it. I'm going to put it in the curio cabinet. I think it looks kind of neat, and I love the strange pattern. I don't know what kind of tree it's from, but if I had to guess, I would guess cottonwood. We have a bunch of them, and they drop branches like crazy.
I think my stick rocks, and I don't care if no one else likes it. I think it's unusual. Like I said yesterday, joy is where you find it!


sanguinelioness said...

I want to eat at your house!
And your stick is really cool looking.


frankandmary said...

Beth says:  I love using a meat mallet!  (Mary is printing that out just in case in the future Ken meets with an unfortunate accident).
I'm not sure a woman like you should have a stick. At the very least, Ken should lock the curio cabinet when you get mad ;0 ~Mary

krmprm said...

That looked so good I will have to rummage around
in my freezer for pecans to make your chicken recipe.
Just when I think I have tried every chicken recipe
imaginable, I find something new.  I'm still reading,
though not writing much.(Relative in hospital to visit)
What was it Teddy Roosevelt said? Was it  "Speak
softly and carry a big stick"?   You got it, girl!  Bye, Pat

chat2missie said...

All that matters is that you like your stick! LOL

shrbrisc said...

i am having grilled chicken tonight as well lol

buckoclown said...

How about chicken on a stick? <LOL>

Are paper and scissors next, you mentioned the rock already :o)

In all seriousnous, she would need a step stool to use the meat mallet on me, I think I would see that one coming [insert Caddyshack na na na na na na na sound track here] <LMAO>

luvrte66 said...

Oh, har-dee-har-har.

Okay. I really did laugh.


aimer said...

The chicken looks really good, but your stick is beautiful. I think is is a natural work of art and definitely worthy of being on display, and I didn't laugh, Not even once.--Sheria

eml625 said...

I liked your woodchuck and I like your stick !

: )

queeniemart said...

Wow,to me the stick looks like snake skin.....tell Ken your stick is COOL.
Hold on....i have to wipe the slobber off my chin over those green beans and that chicken. Will you adopt me so i can eat at your house every night?! LOL

helmswondermom said...

I like your stick!  We have lots of interesting sticks here, too, some of them are put out for show and some are put away.  Some of them are hanging on the wall with things hanging from them.  We love sticks here, especially twisty sticks!  And your chicken looks scrumptious!!

jmoqueen said...

Glad you like the stick ~ Pecan chicken sounds interesting ;)