Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mele Kelikimaka!


Yes, it's Christmas in July here at Nutwood! And no, I don't have presents for you all. <grin>

Yesterday I saw some Christmas cards in the latest Current catalog, and asked Ken if he liked them. He did, and agreed that I should go ahead and order them. We always like to order our cards from National Wildlife Federation--they have beautiful cards--but considering that I send out...gosh, I think I sent out about a hundred last year!--that can get a little pricey, so we went with something not quite as much. Still very pretty, with our usual nature theme.

After I ordered the cards, it struck me that I'm actually done for Christmas! At least as far as Ken goes--I finished about a month ago. I'll still need to get stuff for my nieces and nephews, and a few odds and ends, but it's nice to have most of it done with. That's something I picked up from Ken. He shops throughout the year, anytime he sees something that he knows a particular person would like. Considering our mutual dislike of shopping at the mall, year-round shopping makes perfect sense.

I've been "puttering" today. Little things here and there, taking out the garbage, what have you. I set up birthday reminders on AOL's calendar. I already have one reminder system set up, but it reminds me two days before, and that's not enough time to get a card out! I'll see if AOL's reminders work, but I hope they do, because I set it to remind me a week before. I suspect that I'm not the only one here who has a hard time remembering birthdays! My immediate family I remember, Cousin Shane, and Ken, of course, but as our family grows with niece and nephews, spouses, etc., it gets harder and harder for me to remember them all. I didn't give myself an alert for my own birthday...but maybe I should have!

I was also very pleased to get an email from our friend RaQuel in NYC. We hadn't been in touch for some time, and I was starting to get a little worried on two fronts: her health and well-being, or that I wrote something that pissed her off! This is another lesson in unwarranted worrying, because she is fine, but had been in Spain for a couple of weeks due a death in the family, very busy with her audio work...just a bit of craziness and a hectic life, but all is well with her, and with us. Hooray! We agreed that we have much to catch up on, and that a phone call is in our future.

Do y'all have deer flies where you're at? I know Melissa does, because I recall plenty of them during our summers in Minnesota when I was a kid. Last week, I went out to get the mail, and something bit me on my forearm. It was not a mosquito, because it was a sudden, sharp sting. I swatted it away, but it felt exactly like the bite of a deer fly. Let me just say right now that I really hate those little bastards. I know they're part of the food chain and all, but UGH, they are so irritating and nasty! Luckily, we don't have a ton of them around here. Well, this was last week, and all week long, that bite kept getting more and more itchy and irritated. It wasn't infected, I know that for sure, but it just was not going away! Benadryl, cortisone cream, Gold Bond cream...nothing soothed it. When I got out of my car yesterday after my trip to the grocery store, I just couldn't stand it anymore, and scratched the livin' hell out of it. I'm really good about not scratching bites, because I know that just irritates and inflames them more, and can lead to infection...but man, did it ever feel good to scratch to my heart's content. Ahhh, relief. After that, I put on Neosporin with pain relief, covered it with a Band-aid, and it is now starting to heal up, AND it's not itching. Go figure!

I guess sometimes you just gotta scratch that itch.


madcobug said...

Good for you getting your Christmas shopping almost done already. What we do here immediately after a sting or bite is apply a paste of meat tenderizer mixed with water to the affected area, let it dry there. It will be real grainy but will do the trick. In fact hospitals here use it for that purpose. Ken used to carry a container of it on his pest control route for wasp stings and such. Helen

jimsulliv3 said...

I don't know if they're the same, but down here we call them horse flies and they're evil.


dbdacoba said...

Beth, if you take my advice you'll go out and get your tree, right now, before they're all gone.  D

buckoclown said...

Glad you monster bite is getting better :o)

howiseeit101 said...

I love scratching the itch...feels soooo good!   And Christmas in July?  Did you remember to put me on your list??  I'll take that digital camera you've been thinking of regifting (((lol)))

eml625 said...

I love your description of finally getting to scratch ! LOL
I should take up your advice and shop early. I do love the hussle and bussle of Christmas here, but lets face it , the malls are crowded and the prices are high!
I do like the idea. I know lisajo does it.
Take Care

krmprm said...

I am really allergic to any kind of stings or bites.  Why are some folk
not bothered at all?  Guess we're too sweet.LOL.  My poor doggies go
up in the hills and come back and scratch themselves silly under my
shrubbery.  Flea collars not working on something.  Saw two deer last
night grazing in the meadow, that ran away from our car lights.  So
maybe it is deer flies.  Have a great day.   Pat

rdautumnsage said...

Oh I hate you (never in a million years *winks*)...I can't believe your done shopping already. I tend to be impatient and want to give my gifts as soon as I get them...I'm like a little kid that way.

Try not to laugh here, I went to take the garbage out and I felt something sting my kidding..I ran into the house pulled down my pants to see if a wasp or bee got in my jeans somehow...Yes, I know your laughing hilariously by now. I'm not sure what the hell bit me, but it stung like you wouldn't believe. Thankfully I'm not allergic to anything. The only thing I miss about smoking is the smoke worked somewhat as a bug repellant. Speaking of smoking Doc is still on the Nicorette gum, but he has been smoke free for 6 weeks now. (Hugs)Indigo

jmoqueen said...

I have not heard of a deer fly before so I would guess that we don't get them over here??!!  Xmas cards?  your done with xmas shopping??  Well I think you guys win the prize for mentioning it first this year ;)  I wish I could buy throughout the year but god knows what I would get lol


queeniemart said...

I have bought about 70% of my Christmas already and ALL of it is online.
I got bit last week from something that looked like a big fly and it hurt! I buy my Christmas cards at WM the day after Christmas for pennies.

tsalagiman1 said...

Some years ago, I had a bad problem with stock flies.  They swarmed the dog house and the back deck daily.  They were coming from a calf that a couple of neighbors decided to raise just on the other side of the small patch of woods behind the house.  They looked just like houseflies, but boy could they bite.  I ended up getting a bug light and that wiped them out.

Every year I say I'm going to do my Christmas shopping early.  Been saying that for quite some years now.  Guess I'll do it in December as always, lol!!