Saturday, July 19, 2008

Let's hope third time is the charm

I'll leave it to Ken to tell you about his new toy, but I'll just say that it takes memory cards.
Have you ever dealt with a salesperson who is really nice, and you can tell they're really trying to be helpful...but you just aren't quite convinced about something they're telling you? The guy was trying to tell us that the item would take a couple of different memory cards, but somehow I just wasn't buying it. (Perhaps it was because I'd looked the item up online and saw what kind of memory card it took.) I was being skeptical, the guy was saying, "No, it'll take that one," and Ken asked the guy to check and be sure. A manager was trying to find out, and I said, "Can we look at the manual?" Sure enough, it only takes one kind of card. It pays to do a little bit of research, and while I know the young man's intentions were good, I was just not quite convinced that he completely knew what he was talking about.
I told Ken quietly, "I'm really not trying to be a pain in the ass...." (What my pal Lisa would call a PITA!) He knew that, and we found out for sure before we bought the memory card. We didn't get nasty with the guy in any way, because there was no point in that, but there's nothing wrong with being a smart customer.
So we get home, Ken is unpacking everything...and says, "Where's the memory card?" We checked the bag, checked the DVD's we bought (more on that in a moment), and no memory card. Ken remembered the guy putting it up by the cash register as he was checking out, so off he went with the receipt.
He got back, put the memory card in..."There is a problem with the memory card, please insert other card" or something like that. We looked at the manual, saw that the card needs to be formatted, so we followed the instructions for that. "There is a problem with the memory card, please insert another card."
Ken is off again--third trip to Circuit City today--and he is NOT HAPPY.
As for the DVD's, I looked for "Goodfellas" and "Casino," but their prices were outrageous. I knew I could do better on Amazon. However, I got "Alien" (so we have all three of the Alien movies now), "Borat" (we haven't seen it yet!), and "Vacancy," which looks to be a fun little horror movie about a motel. (All were on sale, of course!) I was really disappointed about the Mob movies, though, so when I was checking prices of memory cards on Amazon (and ordering a couple more for my camera), I picked both up for about half of what they were at Circuit City. When CC has sales on movies, their prices are very good, but normally? Fuggedaboudit!
So keep your fingers crossed for Ken that this trip will be successful. If he has to go back again...? It won't be pretty.


buckoclown said...

Seems to be successful, I believe that the old style telephone at the counter wiped the memory card, especially since it was sitting next to it for 45 minutes :o(

If I would have had to go back a fourth time, I would have taken Blue (my truck) and driven right to the customer service desk, and announced "I'm Back!" :o)

chat2missie said...

I'm guessing a new camera??

jimsulliv3 said...

Pita ! I never heard that before and it's funny. Question; Can a member of PETA also be a PITA or is that only reserved for the Saturday early morming door knockers (Semdk)?


BTW, what did Ken buy?

helmswondermom said...

I hope all is well now.  Thomas once asked a sales guy about an item, asked him a couple of intelligent questions, and the guy responded with: "It's a good'un!"  Apparently that was the extent of his knowledge of that item.  So that's a running joke in our house when we're discussing the merits of something we're thinking about buying.  Because, you know, if it's a "good'un", well that should be all the argument for buying it that we need!

queeniemart said...

Poor Ken. Think of the time and gas he used over a memory card. FRUSTRATING!

have you ever used I live off that website and order DVD's for gifts at least once a month and i love it. I did buy my bro a Ray Charles CD 2 wks ago and it was cracked. It was supposed to be brand new. Phooey.