Saturday, July 12, 2008

A night o' fun

Have you ever had one of those days where everything seemed right with the world? I hope so, because that's one of the many things that makes life worth living.

It was a gorgeous night as we headed out to Coveleski Stadium, AKA The Cove. We drove Blacky (Ken's Mustang convertible) and put the top down. I don't usually like my hair blowing around a bunch, but it was a perfect night for it and I just didn't give a flip!

As you can see, plenty of other people also thought it was a fine night for a ball game, and it was a big crowd. I'm happy to say that the Silverhawks have a lot of support in our little city, and in hearing the conversations around us, a lot of folks REALLY follow the team and know all their names, etc. I'm definitely a casual fan--I always enjoy going to the games and cheering for the Hawks, but I'm far from being a Susan Sarandon/Bull Durham kind of fan!



The Hawks hosted a very special guest last night, the San Diego Chicken. Probably the most well-known mascot in all of sports, the Chicken is surprisingly entertaining! It was fun to see him get into "fights" with the umps, and kick sand on their feet with his chicken legs. One of the fun things about minor league ball is how relaxed and fun it is. I mean, I know the players want to win, but they do fun and silly stuff to keep the crowd entertained. At one point, they had a fake Quad Cities player out there that the Chicken beat up...the "player" came out later wearing a neck brace. The Chicken also mauled the "catcher" of the Quad Cities team, and it was all just so goofy...but still a lot of fun!




And yes, they had the produce race! As you can see, the broccoli won hands down. It seems that it's just broccoli and corn now--I could have sworn they used to have a carrot.





After a hard won victory, Broccoli walks off the field, followed by Swoop, the Hawks' mascot.

Well done, Broccoli, well done.



We were also treated to fireworks at the end of the game, and I got some good shots that I'll save for another entry. I wanted to share my pictures of my special night of invisibility, due to my camouflage capris.



Here I am, setting my cool beverage into the cup holder. I should say, here's my HAND, because it's not all of me, obviously!






Here are my "empty" sandals. They look "empty," but my feet are in just can't see them! You can sort of see the impression of my feet, though.

One thing I discovered is that being invisible isn't always fun and games. At one point, a big guy was trying to get a closer seat, and he almost sat on me because he couldn't see me! He was a little startled when I pushed him away and said, "Hey Bub, this seat is taken!" *



After a great evening at the ball park, Philly cheesesteaks, and fireworks, we headed home. It was still nice enough that we could put the top down again, so we cranked up some Kid Rock tunes and sang along. It was just a perfect night. I hope all of you started your weekends on such a high note, and that they only get better!



Ken snapped a picture of the invisible me getting out of the car when we got home. Isn't it eerie how my purse seems to float in midair?!



*This is a complete fabrication. No such person almost sat on me.


rdautumnsage said...

After this entry Hollywood will be calling you up to sit in for the Invisible girl in the next Fantastic Four Flick (winks)...(Hugs)Indigo

buckoclown said...

This first part will only make sense if you listen to Bob & Tom (I am doing my best Magic Johnson impression :o):  Oooohhhhh BBBBeeeeetttthhhhh, you seemed to have missed the eeeeennnnnddddd of the race.  SWOOP staight aaarrrrmmmmeeedddd the brocoli, and corn acutalllllly won the rrraaaacccceeee.

It was a magical night, but I had a lot of funny looks as I walked with my laundry :o)

madcobug said...

Cute entry LOL. Helen

amy122389 said...

I could really use some of those capris..... erm....not for any illegal activities or anything.  

Well, maybe.  

Um.  I've said too much.


eml625 said...

What a great night you described, Philly Cheese steaks and Fireworks, running broccoli... and you well, we will take your word it was you, it really could have been someone pretending to be you. Since we really couldnt see you....Ok where do I get a pair of those capri's !????

queeniemart said...

I do think our Beth had a few too many of those beers...cough cough. lol  You are so funny. Cute sandals, nice beer shot, cute purse and WOW, even cute mascots. Glad you two enjoyed yourselves!

helmswondermom said...

Yes, I think maybe you've had a few too many beers! lol  Glad you had such a wonderful time, invisible lady.

tsalagiman1 said...

Yep, I do think our Beth had just a weeeetle too much LOL!!!  Thanks for sharing the photos! Watching baseball on TV is enjoyable, but there's nothing like being there.  I like minor league and college ball because the spirit of the game is still there.  For years I have missed that spirit in all professional sports including Major League baseball.