Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Keep your trash to yourself


Honestly, what is wrong with people?

As I was driving home from the store today, I noticed some litter in our yard, out by the road. I figured I'd pick it up when I walked out to get the mail. When I walked out to get the mail, I saw more litter, enough that I had to go back to the house and get a bag to put it in. So I walked all along our property, picking up the litter.

Apparently the offender was hungry for a McChicken. He or she used 2 packets of mayonnaise, had a large soda if the lid is any clue, and used about 6 napkins. Although if the fact that he/she threw their trash out the window rather than depositing it in a freakin' trash can is any indication, they're big enough PIGS that they probably didn't actually USE the napkins, they just happened to be in the bag when they tossed it out the window!

I swear, I would no more toss a bag of trash out the car window than I'd cut off my right hand. That's my Dad's doing, because he never let us do that on trips. I suppose there was a time when one of us did that...if so, we only did it once, believe me. It's all about respect, people: respect for the environment, respect for other people's property, and for God's sake, show some respect for yourself and stop acting like a big pig! If you want to behave that way in your own home, be my guest. Have a ball and completely trash your own yard! Live it up! But keep your filthy littering habits to yourself, okay? UGH!

Can you tell that's a pet peeve of mine? <grin>

So did you all see the interview with the entire Obama family? I'll provide the video after a little discussion. First of all, I don't care what you think about the guy or his wife, but his girls are absolutely adorable! I thought it was so funny the way they kind of picked on him a little bit. I saw another clip, a different one from the one I'm putting up here, where the youngest one (Sasha) said something about how much her Dad talks, and made the "blabbermouth" gesture with both hands. HA! And the older one (Malia) chided her Dad about how you don't shake hands with kids, as he's done with her friends, you wave or something. She had the attitude of "Jeez, Dad." (I seem to recall him writing about that in his second book.) Extremely smart and funny little girls, and you could tell that the interviewer was completely charmed.

It was fun to see. But now the Senator has come out and said that the interview was a mistake and they won't be doing any more interviews as a family, because of all the intense coverage and attention it got. He and Michelle do not want that kind of attention lasered onto their kids. I don't blame them. It's scary enough for anyone in the public eye to realize that there are people who would take you out without a moment of hesitation, and they would do the same to your kids. How awful is that? That fear is heightened for Obama because of his skin color. That's not just awful, that's shameful. I found the interview so much fun to watch, and what a shame that we won't see much more of the family because of fear of harm coming to those two bright and beautiful little girls.

Here's the video:


mereel2005 said...

While I am not a Obama supporter, i did enjoy the interview and agree with their choices not to keep thier daughters out of the limelight.

buckoclown said...

That is a shame, we really enjoyed the video.  I think it would be good for our country to see more of that from our candidates - it shows they are real people :o)

chat2missie said...

I don't like litter bugs either!  Trash has a place and that's not in fields or off the side of a road.

mpnaz58 said...

What about cigarettes being tossed out, carelessly, from moving cars??  That is one of my pet peeves...I'm sure people haveash trays in their cars, especially if they are smokers, and they'd rather litter.  Why don't they just eat the whole damn thing!!  Love the interview with the Obama kids...the seem like such a normal family, don't they??
xoxo ~Myra

helmswondermom said...

The interview was good.  When he announced that there would be no more interviews with the kids it made me wonder if there had been something threatening said or reported to him.

queeniemart said...

I work with and know many who will not vote this year because they are Democrats and he is black. Very common thought amongst some.
Come visit my employer and meet some of the nasties that come to the store and you think that McChicken and coke and napkins would surprise you? I could write stories all day about disgusting, abnormal and thoughtless human beings. You wonder if they EVER had a parent to teach them a thing.

eml625 said...

We have the same problem with litter. I live in a corner house and people tend to "park" by the fence to hang and husband has foud something much more gross than used food container...yea, use your imagination !  YUK !!!
Have a great day

krmprm said...

It makes my heart ache for our public servants who have to overcome
their fear for their family's safety in order to hold public office.  I really
wanted to see a glimpse of the candidates family life as I feel it gives
a view into his value system,  but I can totally understand the concern
they must feel in putting their children in the spotlight.  My son adores
his nephews but will not display their pictures in his office.  So sad to
feel like you are living in a fishbowl.  Pray for the safety of all who serve.

rdautumnsage said...

Sometimes I wonder if it's not a jealousy thing. It's not theirs so why should they care. Our property all 9 lots if you include our yard besides the woods is in the middle of suburbia. The city has a mowed grass walk through next to our property for the light and electric poles. People use this walk through for a short cut all the time. We can't afford to fence in all the property, so they throw trash even yard waste on OUR property. You think they would appreciate the fact we have woods they can enjoy viewing close to home (along with a running stream)...On the other side of our property it comes up against a hill, the people who's backyards abutte the hill, tend to throw yard waste, garbage over the hill to...guess where. The wooded lots we own. In the end to keep it clean I would have to cart out several trash bags of trash daily. We decided we are going to let the lots go. It saddens me, then again why am I paying taxes on property for everyone elses use and they don't even help keep it clean. It's like living in a large city, god forbid if people left a building untagged. Eventually we will sell the house we're in and move...FAR out into the country were people respect land rights. Sorry about this...but yes, it is frusterating that people are Pigs and have so little respect for themselves or anyone else. I've been wanting to get a letter out your way, hopefully tomorrow affords me some time to write. (Hugs)Indigo

jmoqueen said...

Your so right about the litter.  We had some fast food and stopped at the rubbish bin (trash can ;) to get rid of our litter.  As my mate was doing that I watched the car next to us open their doors and just chuck theirs on the floor.  What got to me was they were closer to the bin then we were!!!!!!!  What is this world coming too!!


tsalagiman1 said...

About the litter, you and I both!!!!!  If I had EVER thrown trash out of the car when I was growing up, the car would have been stopped.  And it wouldn't have been just to pick up the trash either!

The video isn't coming up, but maybe it's because I'm on the network at work.  I'll try at home later.

Great post!