Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"When you make that California trip..."

[snapping fingers] "...get your kicks on Route 66."
We won't be traveling any of Route 66 on this trip, I don't believe. There's not much left of the actual road in California, although there are a couple of roads that display a marker saying that they follow the original route.
I've just been doing some odds and ends today getting ready for our trip tomorrow. I think I've gathered everything together--oh yeah! I just remembered to take the USB cord for my camera! Thanks for reminding me, everyone! Anyhoo, I've got things together, and now it's just a matter of Ken (the Master Packer) cramming it all into our suitcases. I don't think I'm over-packing on this one. We don't have any really nice dinners planned, so that really cuts down on all the accoutrements. A pair of Keds, a pair of sandals, bada bing bada boom, that's it for shoes!
I checked the weather for all the places we're going, and I think I've packed appropriately. If I recall my California weather and the effect of the state's geography, I've got a good balance. I believe that if you're on the east side of the mountains, that's where it gets pretty blazing hot, and that's where Cousin Ros lives. It's supposed to be in the mid-90's all week. (I don't think they have the humidity that we have here, though.) In central California, where Kim and Steve live, they're to the west of the mountains, and the weather there will be around 70° during the day. What a difference a few mountains can make! Kim told me that a while back, they had a really hot spell, which is rough because they don't have air conditioning--they never need it! I never thought about it, but their temperatures never really get all that hot. Finally, San Diego has the usual crappy weather--around 72° during the day, 68° at night, sunny, blah blah blah. How do those folks put up with such horrid conditions?! We should have a telethon to raise money and awareness of their plight!
I sure haven't felt very motivated today. I'm getting done what I need to get done, but jeez, I feel lackadaisical. Maybe because it's really hot and muggy. I called Mom and Dad this morning and they wished us a safe and fun trip. I brought up the larger hummingbird feeder from the basement, and got some nectar made for that. If these hummingbirds manage to go through 4 cups of nectar while we're gone, they have no one but themselves to blame! Cousin Shane will be doing Critter Detail while we're gone (as always, thanks Shane!), and Sheeba is always happy when Uncle Shane takes care of him--he gets lots of lovins!
I think our flight leaves at something like 7 AM tomorrow. Argh. I wonder what time I'll need to set the alarm for? I'm really not looking forward to that. But when we leave in the morning like this, I'm usually pretty jazzed and ready to go. Then I can conk out on the plane. Unless they have a good movie. If I'm just reading, I almost always conk out.
Oh, I was looking for our next book club book, Tobacco Road by Erskine Caldwell, today. It's one that I already have, and read a few years ago (I remember enjoying it a lot). I swear, I spent 15 minutes looking for that thing! I knew I had it, but I was starting to wonder if I'd loaned it to someone and never gotten it back. After going through five bookcases--TWICE--I finally saw it laying on top of another book. If it had been a snake, it would have bitten me on the nose!
Perhaps more later during Game Three of the Cubs/Brewers series! Hope you're all stayin' cool! It's the only way to roll.


madcobug said...

I hope you both have a safe and happy trip. Helen

rdautumnsage said...

K, a week away gives me time to get a letter to your house before you come back (I know I've been rather lame on my end...) Enjoy your trip hon and have a grand vegecation in CA. It's true about the weather on different sides of the mtn. Paul and I went for a drive toward the mtns. today in PA and the difference in temp and humidity was amazing (thankfully) the air actually felt different and cooler in the mtns. When we came back down to our local the heat index rose considerably, leaving me a little lackadaisical myself. (Hugs)Indigo

indigosunmoon said...

I hope your trip is absolutely fabulous!  You guys be careful ok?
Love you!

blossomcat said...

Have a great time on your trip.   I would like to hit the open road and spend a few months tooling around the country and visiting the national parks west of the Mississippi River.   Maybe someday.........


aimer said...

Knowing that we share an affinity for creepy movies, I feel compelled to tell you that Lou Diamond Phillips starred in some made for Sci-Fi channel movie called "Route 66" that involved zombies. Just thought that you would like to know that, so stay off Route 66!  Also try to avoid earthquakes.

Have a great trip and ignore my nonsense!--Sheria

chat2missie said...

I remember the movie the last commenter talked about. LOL

buckoclown said...

Yea Baby!  Vacation Boy is here.  After a 13 hour work day, plus two hours of commute time, I am ready :o)

mpnaz58 said...

My gosh, you guys are the travelers as of late!!  It always helps the mental state to surround yourself in new environments, cultures...people!!  CA should give you plenty of those critters!  Have a safe trip!
xoxo ~Myra

lurkynat said...

have a great time!

sanguinelioness said...

Hey, San Diego doen NOT get the telethon....WE do! San Francisco does! Our weather is by far the ickiest. We have more fog and drizzle all summer long. Bring your Jerry Lewis Telethon up this way. I have no sympathy for San Diego. I was down there for my son's AAU basketball tournament and the weather was great compared to ours earlier this month. Oh, wait, do I sound bitter? I think I might be. Good thing I am going north with the kids to find some sun tomorrow for a week of fake camping...phew!

Seriously, enjoy your trip!
Have fun!