Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Truth and lies at PetSmart

I forgot to mention an "incident" at PetSmart this morning.
As I went to check out with my EnchantaCat, they only had one lane open (not very busy on a weekday morning). There was a lady in front of me who had brought along these two pet beds she had, and there was some discussion going on. Apparently when she was washing the beds, one of them had ruptured, and the other got its filling all wadded up in a bundle.
One of the clerks said something like, "Well, you probably shouldn't put it in the washing machine. It says to handwash it." The customer said, "But it was on delicate! I mean look at this...there's no way to fix this." The clerk said, "I'm just saying. I wouldn't put it in the washing machine, because it says it should be handwashed."
The lady complained a little bit more, but the bottom line was that they were giving her a new pet bed.
How is that right? This broad does something to a product that the product says specifically NOT to do, then when the product doesn't behave as she expects it to, she goes to the store and says, "Give me a new one!" How does that work? Who is at fault here? The company who made the product and provided information on its care, or the stupid broad who can't follow directions, or if she can, chooses NOT to? At checkout, PetSmart asks if you want to donate a dollar to homeless pets. Since I had just looked at the cats and kittens from Pet Refuge, I was feeling all vulnerable and was happy to do so. I put it to you that this woman took money out of the mouths of hungry animals! In her idiocy and greed, she probably KILLED A PUPPY today.
I was disgusted. It's that kind of mentality that brings our entire country down and makes us look like a bunch of greedy ignoramuses. I don't always follow directions when it comes to laundry. For example, I will throw a silk shirt in the washing machine rather than wash it by hand, and then hang it to dry. But after several trips through the washer, if a seam starts to unravel, I do not go running back to the store where I bought it and say that it is an inferior product or that it is faulty! That would be wrong.
I guess that's a concept that the broad at PetSmart would be unable to grasp. Based on the look of those pet beds, she's got a little yappy dog. I hope the thing bites her right on her lying Pinocchio nose tonight.


buckoclown said...

Some thing was sure wadded in a bunch!" :o)

madcobug said...

I agree with you 100%. Helen

jimsulliv3 said...

I agree. When in doubt, read and follow the instructions. But you know how people are... most just stand there and let you shear them.


ziggy2315 said...

Nobody takes any responsibility anymore for their own actions. Always someone else's fault, so they gripe and complain and want their money back or they want to sue. PetSmart should not have given her another bed, but in the interest of good public relations it would be a small price to pay to have a somewhat contented, albeit stupid, customer. Some people have all the nerve.

shrbrisc said...

I am a bit confused how did she kill a puppy by ripping off the company ? I am not saying she was right . people like that make it harder on the rest of us that is for sure.. but I think I missed something in your entry ..
have a great night honey

blossomcat said...

They do that because they can.    They have to transfer the blame from them selves to someone else.   The stores give them what they want just so they don't have to hear them complain and get them out of the store.


helmswondermom said...

I guess the store just didn't want to offend a customer, and the manufacturer of the pet beds is the one who will have to eat them.

mpnaz58 said...

Yes, I've done the ol' wash in the "delicate" cycle when the tag specifically states to dry clean only.  There must be a reason the mfg tells you to do something...the washing instructions are INSTRUCTIONS... not a guideline or a suggestion.  I am disgusted that the store would replace the item for her because ultimately WE pay in higher prices.  However, in retail, "the customer is always right" even when they're wrong.  ugh!
xoxo ~Myra

wwfbison said...

I am amazed they gave her a new bed.  Yep, you are right, she most likely is taking $$$ away from the animals in need.
Thanks for stopping by my journal.

queeniemart said...

Yeah, that sucks. In retail the customers is always right. Phooey.