Monday, July 21, 2008

Is it live or is it Memorex?

Neither of us felt much like watching a DVD movie tonight, and we didn't eat until late, so we turned on Chiller TV when we saw that tonight's movie was "Graveyard Shift," which is VERY loosely based on the Stephen King short story by the same name. It is a seriously lame movie, and I wouldn't recommend it at all--and I'm a big fan of all kinds of horror movies! But this is really just...bad.
The focus is on rats. A mean, nasty foreman hires a group of guys to clean out the basement of the textile mill, which is infested with rats.
As we were watching the movie, I asked Ken, "Do you hear the rats?" We have surround sound, and it really sounded real. He said he was hearing it, too.
A little bit later, I said, "Man, can you hear that?! It sounds like they're right in the room!"
Ken looked over and saw Sheeba all agitated and messing around with an empty box, and he said, "I think Sheeba has a mouse!" Sure enough, Sheeba had caught a mouse in the basement, and he brought him upstairs and deposited him in the box. We were hearing this mouse as Sheeba messed around with him. What an awesome kitty and what a great little hunter!
We took the box outside and dumped Mousie out into the yard. Sheeba got much praise and some treats for being such a great cat.
So the next time you think about how great your surround sound is, it might be a little more realistic than you think!

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eml625 said...

Arent you glad you didn't hear a bear?

Way to go Kitty

chat2missie said...

That is just to much of a coinsedence! LOL

glensfork4 said...

too kitty was like that...but now he is gone :(


aimer said...

I so totally agree with your assessment of this movie, although I watched it through until the end. Congratulations to Sheeba, the Huntress.--Sheria

queeniemart said...

Oh i HATE rats AND mice....YUCK! I have not seen that movie either. You are a brave soul.

mpnaz58 said...

We live in the desert and have all kinds of critters running around.  The most destructive are the pack rats!!  Just last week, my car was running funky, so I took it into the dealer, and those damn rats had eaten some the tune of $300!!  YIKES!  We don't have a garage, rather a carport, so we've started setting traps (for every one you catch, there are thousands more to take its place), and lights under our cars all night long.  Pests!
xoxo ~Myra

jmoqueen said...

Glad it was just a mouse and definitely not a rat lol ;)