Sunday, July 6, 2008

Crack therapy

A nice evening last night--the steaks were yummy! But note to self: don't buy anymore big ass potatoes! After a big salad and the steak, there was no way either of us could eat our entire potato. Bummer, too, because my favorite part is eating the skin. It's another lovely day, and tonight we'll be grilling some chicken.

Today's activity/project will be cleaning the gutters. I'll be assisting on this one, because Ken will be putting on gutter guards. This way I can stay down on the ground and hand them up to him, rather than him having to climb down and get them. Hopefully it will go quickly and easily, and we'll be done with it. Hey, our minds are in the gutter today! HA! Get it? In the gutter?


Do you ever get your back cracked? Usually I can do it myself, using the yoga move "The Spinal Twist." (As opposed to "The Spinal Tap," in which you crack your back by headbanging to heavy metal.) But the best way for me is when Ken does it. When I was working, he would do it every night, because I had so much tension in my neck and back. Since I've been retired, I haven't had to have him do it at all! But my neck has been bothering me lately--just sleeping weird, I guess. So when I was in the kitchen last night, he came up and hugged me, and it was time for a back crack. I put my arms around his neck and he lifted me off my feet, then sort of gave me a shake, and crack! Man, it was really loud last night! I said, "Thanks, Honey! I needed that!"

Who needs a chiropractor when you've got a Kenopractor?! Of course, any serious back problems should be addressed by an orthopedic physician (hope my pal Ellen is doing better!), and our little back cracking sessions are only for my routine tensions in my neck and back. It also assumes that you have someone who can lift you off of your feet--Ken is a foot taller than me, so it's easy for us to do!

More later!


carouselqueen70 said...

I am glad that you are having a good time. Good luck cleaning the gutters.It can be a tedious job. I dont make big potatotes because it seems like forever until they get fiished cooking. Then with my bad cooking, they are never quite done in the middle. Nothing like eating a potato with a hard center. If I dont comment on some of your journal entries, it is not that I am not thining about you. I am not feeling very well and my spend some time offline...hugs, Christine

mereel2005 said...

My back cracker is in Iraq, So my Chiropractor will have to do for now.

nightmaremom said...

Cleaning gutters......... yuck!!  I hope they aren't bad...  when my parents moved into their new house last May we did theirs... can you say trees growing!?  Stinky decomposing leaves!?  I wanted to puke and all I did was clean it up off the lawn is was pulled out and dropped.  Have fun ;)   No back cracking for me.. only if I do it..  I'm chicken!  A friend of mind use to have someone do it for her and she got messed up big time :(   Have a great day!

buckoclown said...

Hmmm, guess my only option is the Shawshank route :o(

jmoqueen said...

That's amazing that you can crack your back like that!!  Won't it lead to problems in later life?  That's what people say when my mate cracks her knuckles!!


dkb11161970 said...

my guy and i are about the same height, but he stands on a step above me and that works just fine.  i used to do that for my dad, when i was a teenager (stand on the steps and have a go).  sometimes, my neck and upper back will pop if i just draw a deep breath.  that always surprises me, cuz dude, it feels so good and who'da thunk that a simple thing like a deep breath could make bones crackle?  grins, debra

rdautumnsage said...

Ok, I'm taking my head out of the gutter with what I originally thought when I saw your title...(butt crack, plumbers butt...) Cracking ones spine requires a healthy back. I have a chip from a disk that floats in my lower back (I'm so unwilling to have back surgery to remove that shard, it's a left over idioism from the abuse) anything like that would cause it to move and hurt...I got to help Doc trim up the crab apple tree because we have to move a mega-huge shed or rather the company is tomorrow.(idiots didn't lay it down right the first time and it won't move easily with tree branches scrapping it)...I owe pictures I'll put one in of the shed with the others. (Hugs)Indigo

chat2missie said...

Have a great week!

queeniemart said...

that is really sweet that Ken cracks your back...i bet you two are so cute together because it is obvious you like each other alot too....i used to walk on my dads back and crack it. If i did that now the poor man would be unable to ever move again. lol

blossomcat said...

Wow... we have the project of cleaning out gutters too.   Chuck will wait till I am home, so I can resusitate if he falls off.    But, he said to check his pupils and if he is brain dead, wait 30 minutes before calling 911.    What a guy.


markonit said...

... I could use a good 'back cracking' ... I have started to watch Fit TV, and have been watching the yoga shows ... I stand and touch my toes, and they are getting closer when I sit and reach for them on the floor ..!