Wednesday, July 30, 2008

An international celebrity? Well, YEAH!

Warning: Political views ahead. Abandon hope all ye who enter here.
Senator McCain has released a new ad in which he attempts to portray Senator Obama as an "international celebrity." This is based on what seemed to be a fairly warm international reception during Obama's recent trip to the Middle East and to Europe.
I'm sorry...but last I knew, the American president pretty much IS an international celebrity. I mean, they are usually fairly recognizable, being the leader of the "free world" and all, and they tend to get a lot of press--pictures, videos, news stories, magazine articles, what have you. People kind of know who they are, right? Another clue might be the phalanx of Secret Service agents that surround the President, along with the accompanying journalists and photographers.
The American president isn't almost famous, they have one of the most recognizable faces in the world. I guess that's a form of celebrity, and why is that some kind of issue? To ridicule Obama for drawing large crowds overseas while on a trip that McCain repeatedly needled Obama about not taking before smacks of desperation and negativity to me. It also tells me that Senator McCain doesn't understand that the rest of the world is watching us. I know that things need to improve at home and that a lot of people are hurting. Part of that hinges upon the good will of the world, and upon our working with other countries in a diplomatic and mutually agreeable manner. Sledgehammer tactics are not working and will not work in the future.
To top it all off, the McCain ad portraying Obama as an "international celebrity" has shots of none other than Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.
You've gotta be kidding me.
To even attempt to equate a United States Senator, a graduate of Columbia and Harvard and someone who has worked his entire life to get to this important point, with the vapid celebrity culture that idolizes a hotel heiress and an untalented pop tart is patently ridiculous. You're better than that and you are more honorable, John McCain, so stop the crap. Shame on you.


aimer said...

I do love a woman who knows her Dante.

Perhaps McCain wishes that he had kept quiet and not needled Obama about taking a trip overseas. I agree that the ad is beneath Sen. McCain.

Pop tart? That is too funny.

I'm biased, but I found it encouraging that Sen. Obama drew such crowds overseas. Like you, I think that the American president is an international celebrity. I also think that Obama has the type of charisma that attracts people. --Sheria

frankandmary said...

I cringe at the thought of personal celebrity, but notice, I'm not running for public office. I think for many people celebrity is like money, appalling when it is in the other guy's hand  & glorious when it is at your door. ~Mary

buckoclown said...

The whole European trip challenge definitely backfired for McCain.  Obama does look like a world leader :o)

indigosunmoon said...

To me Obama looks like a leader...much more than McCain does.  I can only hope and pray that he will be our leader come January.  

dbdacoba said...


The bean bag is jealous, that's all.

mpnaz58 said...

Pure and simple jealousy!  How many times has McCain traveled the world, and he has received just an nth of the press coverage that Obama has...everytime Mr. McCain talks he puts his foot in his mouth.  Just watching him, the word "feeble" comes to mind.  Now mind you, I really haven't made up my mind on who I'll vote for come November, but...
xoxo ~Myra

carouselqueen70 said...

Did you hear about Obama and the Wailing Wall incident? I think it is all insane. I pray that the right man gets into office not the most popular. We need alot of help in this country..hugs, Christine

chineseskyz said...

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