Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend pictures

After a great weekend, Ken is back at work today. I'm kinda missing him! We did a fun project together yesterday--more in a moment. It's kind of a gloomy day, and in fact, it just started sprinkling. That's okay, we still need the rain. I thought I would share a picture or three with you this morning!
Has anyone ever tried one of these? It's called a Gleen, and it says it's a "green cleaning cloth." You're supposed to be able to use it over and over again, and you can use it on all kinds of surfaces, without using any cleaner like Windex, and it won't leave streaks (so the package claims). I got it mostly for cleaning windows and mirrors, that kind of thing. I wanted to try to get away from using a bunch of paper towels, so I thought I would give this a try. Years ago, I had rags that I used for cleaning, and would wash them when I got enough for a load...I wonder why I stopped doing that? I really don't know, because it was a good thing to do! Ha ha!
Anyhoo, I'll let you know if this works well.
We have turkey babies!! Ken glanced out the window on Saturday and said, "Hey, are those babies?" I looked, and sure enough, they were milling around and after walking behind the woodpile, they headed on down the driveway!
They are so cute when they're little. They dart around really quickly, so it's hard to count them! We think there were between eight and ten in this brood, though.
It should be interesting to see what kind of a population we see this fall, when they all band together. I think it was last year that we saw around 75 in the yard, and if these little guys are any indication, the wild turkey population is alive and well at Nutwood!
I mentioned Ken's new toy, and here it is. He got a digital SLR camera, a Canon EOS Rebel. You can read his entry about it, but I'll just say that it really is pretty cool. When I take a picture with my Canon point-and-shoot, it takes a second or two to save it to the memory card. In "sports mode," Ken's camera can take something like three shots per second! Unreal!
I'm not a photo person, by any means, so an SLR is more camera than I can handle. I think Ken will really enjoy it, though, plus his lenses from his 35mm Canon all fit the SLR!
Our project yesterday was to put together our....
NEW TABLE AND CHAIRS! [said in "The Price Is Right" announcer voice]
That's right, Beth and Ken, you are the proud owners of this hardwood, mission-style table and six chairs from JC Penney. With a fine cherry finish, the table will perfectly match your existing furniture! AND, slide the table open to find a fabulous foldout leaf! That's right, Beth and Ken, the leaf is stored UNDER THE TABLE!
Okay, that's enough of that--I can't stand to type that much in capital letters!
Ken got the table and legs unpacked and inside, and he put that together. He got one of the boxes of chairs (two per box) unpacked and the two of us put one of the chairs together so we made sure we were assembling it correctly. Then while Ken unpacked the rest of the chairs and started bringing them inside, I'd put the chairs together. Then he came in and tightened all the screws. We made a good little team, and I had my own chair assembly line going in here.
The leaf is really ingenious. I remember relatives having tables with leaves, and the leaves were always completely separate, stored in a closet or something. This one actually folds out and then snaps into place, and there are little facings that come down to complete the side. I've never seen anything like it!
It seems really solid, and it was certainly heavy enough. I love the color, and while it's nothing fancy, I think it looks nice. Sort of simple, with clean lines.
There was only one bit of damage from shipping, an inch-long chip, but it's on the little facing that comes down when you use the leaf, and it's up by the top, so I don't care about that.
It seems to be of good quality, and it wasn't crazy-expensive, AND it came with six chairs instead of four. I am very pleased with Penney's and with this table! I'll be happy when the chemical smell dissipates, though. I think it's the finish. It seems to be lessening already, though.
See what we call our Dueling Laptops there to the left? Ha! (Ken's is his work computer.) I told Ken, "I guess I should have taken the picture before I piled all my crap back on the table, huh?"
So that's taken care of. It's always fun to have a project like that to do, don't you think? Especially when it turns out well!


madcobug said...

Neat pic of the turkeys. It looks like three different sizes of them. Maybe last years hatch along with these new ones. Congrats to Ken on his new camera. I hope he learns all about how to use it quickly. Mine is not an SLR. I could never learn about using one of those.  No, I have never seen one of those cleaning cloths. I like your new table and chairs. Have a nice afternoon with good rain. We need some badly here. Helen

frankandmary said...

Superb turkeys :). And just how close are you to those turkeys?  If I had them out back, I'd be real attached.  I have a major anthropomorphism thing going on with my kittens. I'll say Briege feels....  or Pema looks like she needs... ~Mary

chat2missie said...

The turkeys are adorable.  We used to have a flock out behind out house, but I haven't seen any for a couple of years.  I love your new table.  Enjoy your day.

lurkynat said...

Dear Beth,
what cute turkeys! they are yours?
No , I never heard of that cloth so let me know!
Mission furniture is famous the world over for using great designs and wonderful wood for their furniture. Great looking! thanks

jimsulliv3 said...

Neat camera. It's a little much for me as well, but I appreciate the nicer cameras. I like the little turkeys. I hope they hide well during the season.


eml625 said...

Great looking turkeys!
The table looks awesome, my leaves are in the attic ! What a great idea to have them right there where you need them WITH the table.
Take Care

queeniemart said...

Gorgeous camera! WOW. That is a REAL camera! Good for Ken.
Nice table too!! And Wow, and babies. i have never heard of Gleen. HUGS!!!

jmoqueen said...

Looks like you did a good job with the table and chairs xx  Can't wait to hear all about Gleen ~ I thought you were gonna say it doesn't work in this entry lol