Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Expansion on a topic

Lori over at Dusty Pages had a great entry, expanding on a couple of things I had written about, and another journaler had written about. She makes many good points, and the main one is how we affect others with our words. It's worth some "pondering time."

I sure hope today goes better for everyone. Yesterday was weird, I tell you! Things seemed quiet in J-Land...too quiet. [cue the spaghetti western music] One of our favorite writers has decided to stop writing his journal (Ken and I hope he will keep in touch), and one that I read daily had his AOL journal deleted! By AOL! He's trying to get it back, but at least he has a "mirror" journal elsewhere.

To top it all off, I've been awake since 5 AM, and I am not sleepy at all.

Is it a full moon or something?


eml625 said...

J-land has been quiet lately.
What happened to your friends journal?? That's pretty scary that AOL deleted it, how does he know this?
Ok, sorry, it's to early for all these questions ! LOL
Hope you have a great day

chat2missie said...

J-land has been quiet.  I'm hoping it's because people are on vacations!  I do believe what we write as either an entry or a comment can and does affect others.  Even in our daily life conversations at home.  Even with the husbands!  I'm also a strong believer in Karma.  Never say anything about someone, you would not want said about you!

terrymannie said...

thank you for the "heads-Up" on Dan, I haven't been getting alerts, but did not know he was "gone",
thanks again!

queeniemart said...

I am way behind as usual but i have found out in the last 24 hrs that AOL is NOT sending out alerts to all the journals i read. Totally pisses me off.

jmoqueen said...

a mirror journal seems like a damn good idea :o) Shame how j-land keeps changing.  It does seem to be quiet at the mo


tsalagiman1 said...

A mirror journal is a great idea.  AOL likes its equipment is too old with the strange things that it does.  I've never seen anything like it.  I hope AOL has a backup system where that writer can get it back.