Thursday, July 17, 2008

Word up, updated

Okay, so here's a little quizzicle for you. (That's similar to a testicle, but you know...smaller...and shorter.)
Here are a couple of Greek words. I'm enjoying brushing up on my Greek alphabet, by the way. In different sciences, we used quite a few Greek letters symbolizing various terms, and Ken and I still use them occasionally in general conversation with each other, i.e., "delta" instead of "change."

The first is philos (Φιλος), meaning love, and the second is logos (λογος), meaning word.

So if you put them together, philos + logos, what word do you get, and what does it mean? Hint: it's one of the things that I am.

And did you know that Nike (Νίκη in Greek) is the goddess of victory? Neat!



buckoclown said...

OK, color me stupid, I said wordlover???? And she said, yes, you got it.  So I purposely spelled it wrong here, cause one of you Greek Geeks need to put the real word up here :o)

luvrte66 said...

Righty-o, that's the meaning, and you got it, but what is the actual word?


dbdacoba said...

Uhh.  I was going to say Greek-freak.

ziggy2315 said...

I am going to guess lexicologist or etymologist. Just pure guesses though.

krmprm said...

I would say philosopher.   Your wit and wisdom
amaze me.  Find out new every entry! Pat

queeniemart said...

smart, attractive and awesome cook?

helmswondermom said...

I know this!!!
You are a philologist!!  Philology is the study of language (or the science of language), so as a philologist you are a lover of words, of language, or even simply a lover of talking or a studier of words (Is "studier" a word??) -- one who studies words, in other words.  Am I right?

jmoqueen said...

:o)  I have no idea but I did read lori's response lol............That's kinda cool about Nike