Tuesday, July 29, 2008

If you believe they put a man on the moon

We have a few Rose of Sharon bushes in our yard. (I don't know the technical name, but it's some kind of hibiscus that grows well here.) There are a couple out in front, by the front deck, and one is just bursting with buds--and they're starting to open now. The flowers on this one are a beautiful light purple color, and the hummingbirds love it. They check out each flower and get a little nectar, then they fly up to the feeder hanging nearby. It's fun to watch them at flowers rather than just at the feeders. The Rose of Sharon hasn't completely blossomed yet, but here are a few pictures.
And here's my favorite, so I'm making this one bigger:
Oh, I just love that. Look at the red pigment in the middle, the star-burst pattern...WOW! Nature ROCKS! I might have to play with that picture a little bit and see what kind of cool effects I can get.
A quiet day, just doing an errand here, a chore there. I started getting out clothes to take to California--hard to believe we're leaving in two days! We're taking the laptop, and I think most places we're at we should be able to get connected with no problem, so I hope to write a bit from "the road" and post a picture or two. Oh, and Ken found a great price on a car rental--a convertible! Fun! I have to admit, though, that I'm not looking forward to some of that L.A. area traffic. Ugh. If I had to deal with that every day, I would go absolutely mad. Mad, I tell you!
Anyhoo, it was good to get a handle on what I want to take. Note to self: Ask Ken if I need to take anything somewhat dressy. I didn't pull out anything like that yet, and I don't see us going to any place that would require such attire, but maybe I should take a casual dress just in case. Most of our time will be spent just hanging out with friends and family, so it should be a nice, relaxing trip.
Except for when we're stuck in the traffic gridlock. Have I said "UGH" yet? Oh yeah, I have. I suspect that seeing the gridlock will have a new impact on me, considering the price of gasoline. Whenever we've been in such traffic, I've already been appalled, and I think it will be magnified now. We have GOT to rethink things in this country. I think I'll call it the Man on the Moon strategy. Just like President Kennedy calling for a man on the moon within the decade--and NASA, using some of the best and most brilliant scientists in the country, got it done--I want to see President Obama (yeah, I said it) put out the challenge for an alternative to petroleum-based fuel that is practical and affordable and available to everyone.
Why not? I'm sure that in 1961, when JFK said he wanted a man on the moon, plenty of people called him crazy, and said that it could never happen.
Well, it DID happen, didn't it? (For those of you that happen to be in that select group that believes that the lunar landing was a hoax, well...you probably don't really need to read this journal any longer. Feel free to move along.) My greatest wish for our country is that we get back to our feeling of we can do anything if we work hard enough, rather than the fatalistic and defeatist attitude that so many seem to have lately. We have incredible talent, soaring intellect, brilliant minds, the capacity for dreaming the wildest dreams...and making them become reality. I'm tired of hearing people say, "That's just crazy talk," or "That can't be done," or "No one has ever done anything like that before." My question is, "So what? Why can't it be done?"
As someone who was trained as a scientist, I've seen the amazing advances in health care and science in general over the years. Just the technology in my own job, as a microbiologist, changed vastly over the space of a mere 20 years. Three words: polymerase chain reaction. It is astounding technology.
So not only can we do this...we MUST.


aimer said...

More great pictures! I love Rose of Sharon, it's the only name that I know them by as well.

You know that I share your vision of what we can do and I love the vision of alternative fuel and President Obama. However, the best line in this entire post, the one that made me laugh out loud is: "For those of you that happen to be in that select group that believes that the lunar landing was a hoax, well...you probably don't really need to read this journal any longer. Feel free to move along."

buckoclown said...

Love the picture, not looking foward to traffice, but anxious for seeing our family and friends :o)

makemarc said...

Traffic in L.A. is really only terrible on certain routes and certain times.  Stay off the freeways at rush hour, and it's far more more tolerable than most imagine.  I manage to drive pretty locally, and I don't have the sense of living in constant traffic. Admittedly, I work at home and can avoid the commute, but if you're here for fun you should be able to work around it as well.

queeniemart said...

I hope you have a cool vacation...can't wait to hear all about the adventures you get into. My ex was born on the day the man landed on the moon.

shrbrisc said...

have a great vacation and those are beautiful pictures

indigosunmoon said...

A truly inspiring entry girlfriend.  Gives you a lot to think about.  Your flowers are absolutely gorgeous!  I would love to have one of those bushes!  Might just have to buy one next year.
Love ya, and have a good trip!

krmprm said...

Oh, I hope you have a wonderful trip!  I have always wanted
to see California and the Pacific Ocean.  Travel while you are
young enough to enjoy it.  Your flower pictures are lovely.
Have a good time and write when you can.  Pat

dbdacoba said...

Oh come on, Beth!  You don't really believe that silly moon landing hoax do you?  You must be one of the last people in the country who hasn't figured THAT one out.  I happen to know first hand that it happened in Brooklyn.  Nasa rented my buddy's back yard.  They put up scenery to look like moonscape.  Armstrong had to do that One Small Step number 9 or 10 times before they got it right.  Even then, if you listen carefully to the tape you can hear, very faintly, the neighbors dog barking in the background.  It took about 3 weeks altogether.  Refreshments were served.  Everybody had a good laugh.

By the way, everyone in California is crazy.  So if you want to go mad, mad, mad, go ahead.  No one will notice.

eml625 said...

Reminds me of the Home Depot Slogan "You can do it, we can help"
Have a great time in California! I'm jealous, no, wait, while your gone , I'm coming to your place, you know, just to keep an eye on things, and chill at your house.
I have Rose  of Sharon bushes too, I was just admiring their flowers, and noticing that they have bloomed!
Be well,

sendflowers2me said...

Beautiful pics of your Rose of Sharon bushes. Have a great time in CA.

wwfbison said...

Beautiful Rose of Sharon photos, nature sure does rock!! I would love to see an alternative fuel program and I am confident it can be done if "big oil" is kept out of it as they won't go down without a fight & alot of bribing I'm sure.  Enjoy your trip to California, safe travelling to you.

rdautumnsage said...

Nice to see your getting quite a following of regulars these days *winks*. I know sooner or later they had to realize your uniqueness...Love the Rose of Sharon bush hon. It's been so dry here and trying to keep everything at least a little green hasn't been easy. At this rate I think I'm already planning next years garden and the plants will be hardier if I can help it. I'm with Sheria that was the best line yet...I do hope they get it together and come up with a different fuel source, one that is not only economical but Earth friendly as well. For one I love road trips, except for the backed up traffic...that I wouldn't have any patience for. (Hugs)Indigo

frankandmary said...

Note to Beth: Always bring something somewhat dressy, since not doing so guarantees you'll be invited to tea with the Queen. ~Mary

markonit said...

... agree with Frank & Mary ... ONE dressy outfit will do ... more formal occasions means you would have to find a cleaners ..!

... there is something about this Gen Y ... some of the Gen X'ers too ... unlike the Greatest Generation (in my mind, there isn't any doubt ... only the cats that brought about the Renaissance tops them in my mind) are intimidated by the thought of expending that much energy to grow ...

... this means that only a select few reach the heights that were once available to all ... they said on NPR that the so-called 'Slackers' are actually more well rounded ... that's debatable ... gee, I have been leaving long replies, haven't I ..?