Saturday, July 19, 2008

Meet Evan

It's been raining all morning here at Nutwood, but you won't hear us complaining! We've been needing rain for a while now, and the farmers were getting a little worried. It's a nice, steady rain, giving everything a good soaking. We've got a couple of errands to run (Ken has been saving his pennies for something...stay tuned!), and it seems like it might be a good afternoon to put together the table. Oh boy!
Do you all know this guy? Unless you're a fellow Hoosier, probably not. This is our junior Senator, Evan Bayh. He spent 8 years as governor (I believe he was the youngest governor in the country at the time), and has been one of our senators since 1999. I bring him up because I've been reading plenty of articles that say he's on the "short list" to be Obama's running mate. I lean towards thinking that Obama might go with someone older, to counterbalance his own youth, but otherwise, I think Senator Bayh would be an excellent choice.
Evan Bayh (that's pronounced "bye"), a Democrat, is one of the most popular figures in Indiana politics in recent history. In a staunchly Republican state, that's a remarkable accomplishment. He was incredibly popular as governor, due to his fiscal conservatism, tax cuts, and consistently balanced budgets. His popularity continues as a Senator, with both his initial bid and his re-election victories garnering over 60% of the vote. He is most definitely a very conservative Democrat, and even most Republicans like the guy!
When he went to Washington, he seemed to toe the party line a little more than he did here at home, and I was a bit disappointed in him. I wrote him a letter saying that I felt he was moving away from his constituents' wishes, and he wrote back a very kind letter stating his reasons for voting the way he did. I still didn't agree with him, but I really appreciated the response.
In the recent primary, he supported Senator Clinton, and actively campaigned for her. With Senator Obama the presumptive nominee, he is now campaigning for him--including a short video on Obama's web site. He might be a very good choice for Obama, if he can bring Senator Clinton's supporters along with him. His fairly conservative positions, especially fiscally, might be very attractive to a lot of people. The guy is really good looking, too, with a sort of quiet charisma. And before you call me shallow for commenting on his looks, people are drawn to that--we're hardwired that way. He's got a beautiful wife who is a lawyer (and former cheerleader) and they have twin sons, Beau and Nicholas. The guy is a natural.
The Obama campaign is putting Indiana "in the game," believing that they have a chance to win a state that for 40 years has been a GOP stronghold. They may be right, and we're seeing plenty of ads already. In a very volatile political year, Indiana may very well a "battleground" state. It's something I've never seen as an adult, so it's pretty exciting! If nothing else, we're going to get some actual campaigning going on, like during the Democratic primary.
I just thought I'd introduce you to Evan (we're on a first-name basis, y'know), because it's a possibility that you might be seeing more of him in the near future.


buckoclown said...

Should be interesting, Evan could make a difference for Indiana.  

slapinions said...

Aside from his youth I think geography rules him out. Indiana *might* be in play, but with Obama from the Midwest you'd think he'd go with an older running mate from the NE or West to help out in that neck of the woods. Just an opinion.


helmswondermom said...

Having been a Hoosier for 17 years I am very familiar with Evan Bayh.  I have often thought he'd make a run for the White House himself someday, and I could see him as Obama's VP.  You are so right about his Charisma; everyone, Dem and Rep seem to like him.  

queeniemart said...

i've never heard of this dude. He sounds like a decent politician. XO

lurkynat said...

dear Beth,
This guy sounds very impressive fiscally and solid.
Best Re guards

aimer said...

Thanks for the introduction to Evan. You wriote a good and informative analysis. I've been trying to catch up on all of your entries but I may have to adjourn until tomorrow. You are a fabulous writer and there is so much to absorb.--Sheria